Should You Hire a Home Inspector?

Should you hire a home inspector in Calgary’s 2021 real estate market? This is one of the most important questions a buyer should ask themselves when buying a home, especially in the Calgary marketplace as there are homes of all types and ages. Regardless of whether a home is brand new or older, a home inspection will tell the buyer if there are any issues to be concerned with before they complete the purchase of a home.

Buying a home is a significant investment, and for some, this will be the biggest purchase of their lives. When you hire a home inspector, they are going to go through the home and test things such as the electrical, plumbing, structure as well as the general condition of a home. The home inspector will go around the house and note any deficiencies and recommend to the buyer whether any repairs or work should be done to correct the issues.

Once a home inspection is done, a buyer will get a final report that will give them a good idea as to whether the property is a good buy or something they should walk away from. This report can also be used by the buyer to request a reduction in price or even a request that the repairs are completed before they take ownership of the property.

When a buyer chooses not to get a home inspection, they run the risk of having severe issues come about at a later date that can not only affect the building itself but also the lives of the homeowners.  Unexpected repairs can literally devastate a person or family if they aren’t prepared for unforeseen expenses.

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