Planning to sell? If you are like most home owners, you will have some questions. After all, you’re about to sell the single biggest asset you have ever bought. Amongst these questions, you are bound to ask some of the following: What is my home worth? Which licensed real estate agent should I use? What can I do to make my home as attractive as possible? What is the most effective marketing campaigns? What is the process from listing to closing? And of course, the big one, what is my home worth, and how do I get the most money?

Our Seller's Guide answers not only these questions, but ones you never thought to ask. Is it a buyers or a sellers market? How can you elevate the showing and open house experience to create the best feedback? How do we, as your listing agents, stand out from the rest? 
Our passion for Calgary coincides with our passion for people and customer service. Assisting you with our listing services is rewarding to us. 

The best way to start answering those questions is to be informed. If we've done our jobs right, then this guide should give you answers to all of your questions, address all of your uncertainties and make you understand and feel confident about the selling process. Our job is to make things easier. That’s what we are here for.

To request our complimentary Seller's Guide, fill out the form with your information and you will be on your way to become an informed seller.