Selling Your Calgary Home in 2019 – How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

home inspection Calgary

Selling your home for its true value is important, and every Calgary Realtor will recommend a home inspection to help meet this objective. A home inspection provides potential buyers with proof that the home is in good condition and that it is safe for accommodation. 

You will need to prepare your home so that you can present it to a third party in its best condition. The idea would be to sell it sooner than later without raising concerns during the inspection. 

Here Is How You Can Prepare Your Calgary Home When Selling It 

  • Generally, clean the house 

Walking into a clean and orderly home shows the inspectors that the home has always been well maintained. Address both dirt and dust not just on the floor but also on the walls and ceilings. In addition, clean the furniture and all surfaces leaving a warm and appealing welcome for the home inspector. 

  • Declutter 

A home with clutter does not leave much room for the home inspector to assess the room without turning them off. When decluttering, the garage and attic are no exception. Ensure that everything is in order and that everything is where it was supposed to be. The inspector will quickly gain access to every corner, making the inspection quick and easy to complete. Finally, by impressing the inspector, it will read well in the final report. 

  • Clean the yard/outside (address vegetation)

Just as you clean the interior, do the same for the exterior of your home. Trim and garden for those with vegetation. Scrub and get rid of algae for those with concrete or other forms of outdoor finishing. Also, repair any cracks or any form of deterioration. 

  • Fix everything you have been putting off 

Fix any repairs you have been putting off before the inspection. A buyer will devalue your home if they have to work on a long list of repairs. For many, it turns them off, and you may not close the deal even with the help of a condo specialist. Some key areas to address may include loose stair railings, patch the roof, plumbing and electrical repairs, fix broken light fixtures, and fix tiles if necessary, etc.

  • Ensure functionality of heating and air conditioning systems 

Ensure that all systems are functional, especially the heating and air conditioning. When these systems fail, it is an indicator that the electrical system may also have problems. Call the plumber if necessary to clean the drainage and address any clogs. 

  • Gather all maintenance and repair documents 

The necessary documentation indicates that you have been responsible and that your home is in the right state. The documentation will ease the inspection process, making it fast and easy to complete. With a positive report, a realtor can put your home up on Calgary homes for sale and seal the deal for you sooner.  

A Calgary realtor is more likely to sell your home for its value with an inspection report at hand. However, to receive a favourable report you must make the necessary preparations. Many a time, a buyer will accompany a home inspector and it is best to ensure it is safe and pleasing to the eye. Remember, a home inspection is a key process of selling your Calgary home. 

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