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No doubt, most of us believe that the best season to go house hunting in Calgary is during the Spring or Summer months. Many reasons make it easier such as getting around without worrying about the road conditions, no need for winter tires, yards look better without all the snow, and the days are longer. During the winter, real estate sales are slower, fewer homes are on the market, and many people wait to buy or sell until Spring.

Nevertheless, we have noticed that an increasing number of Canadians, including first-time homebuyers, are starting to turn to winter house hunting. It turns out; there are some excellent reasons for purchasing a house and moving in the winter as well.
Here you can find some of the advantages that show how you could benefit from house hunting in the winter.

Less Competition in the Real Estate Market

As mentioned above, people will tend to go house hunting during warmer months, which means fewer competitors as you look to buy a house during winter. With the shortage of potential buyers, you will be extra special to sellers who will be trying harder to make their house more appealing for you to choose. And once you do make your offer, it’s less likely to run into a bidding war since there aren’t many potential customers out there. For the investor looking to find a good deal in the housing market, the winter season can be ideal.

Lower Prices for Real Estate

With fewer buyers in the Calgary real estate market, supply exceeds demand; this means prices are lower compared to peak season. Sellers usually don’t get as many offers, so you might be able to negotiate and get the best price to close the deal. Also, if a house has been on the market for a while, your chances of getting a better price are even higher.

Sellers are Motivated

Lower activity during the winter makes sellers more motivated to sell and to negotiate – whether that is negotiating the selling price, conditions like closing costs, dates or even terms of sale, or including what appliances and items are included in the deal. Usually, people that put their home up for sale during the winter are looking to get it sold as soon as possible, possibly before the new year as there are certain tax advantages when selling a home.

You Get to See How a Home Works in Winter Conditions

Calgary winters are known sometimes to be long and harsh, so visiting a house during the winter season allows the buyer to notice any drafts from windows, any unwanted moisture and if the furnace is going strong. To witness how all systems function under harsh winter conditions is a great insight that you can only get during this time of year. Problems with a home are most likely to appear during the cold weather rather than the warmer peak season; this gives you, the buyer, an opportunity to obtain critical information which will come handy when negotiating.  

Your Real Estate Agent and Your Lender Will Have More Time for You

A slower market means lower activity, which means that your Realtor will be extra motivated and will give you his or her undivided attention. An excellent real estate agent should give you her or his attention any time of the year, but the fact is that once peak season hits, it can get harder to reach a Realtor compared to during the winter season. Calgary Real Estate Agents are encouraged to put in a bit more effort in negotiations for a sale throughout the slower seasons. Also, lenders will have more time to process your paperwork, which means you could get the ball rolling way faster than in the spring/summer. If a quick closing is what you are looking for, then the right move for you would be house hunting and purchasing a home in the winter.

If these tips sound good to you, dress warm and start your research now and you most likely will have a closing on your home by mid-winter.

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