Why should I use a Buyer Agent?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the Calgary Real Estate Market. We hear this a lot from buyers who do not understand the process that using the selling/listing agent as their buyer representative is going to save them time and money. What they don’t realize is that the listing agent signs a listing contract which stipulates the amount of commission they will receive on the listing and what the buyer agent will receive. If the buyer agent happens to be them they still get the full buyer agent commission so no savings to the seller and thus most likely no savings to the buyer.

Buying a home is a big undertaking, and all aspects should be carefully considered before any decisions are made. Not only do you want to find your dream home, but you want to do it within a reasonable budget. In hopes of staying within that budget, you may decide to cut some corners by carefully analyzing the things you want over the things you need. Contact us directly to receive a copy of our Buyers Guide which will help prepare you for every step in the home buying process.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Buyer Agent

In making these decisions, you may decide to skip using a Buyer’s Agent. Is this a good decision? We don’t think so. Here’s why:

It’s free! The cost of using an exclusive Buyer’s Agent is covered by the seller out of the sale of their home. This means that choosing to use an agent working solely for you will not only make your home buying journey much easier, but it won’t add a single penny to your budget.
A Buyer’s Representation Agreement is what an agent will use to define the nature of your relationship and ensure they represent your best interests. If you are buying during a high-volume period like the spring or fall, there will likely be a high level of inventory for you to choose from. Your agent will help you create a wish list and filter through all the current listings to help you find your dream home. Your agent will help you navigate through comparable properties, location advantages/disadvantages, near by amenities and the pros & cons of transportation options in the area.

When it comes time to put in an offer, your agent will help you come up with a strategy and implement that strategy to ensure your success. Jesse Davies & Associates agents are well versed with appraisal valuations and analysis which helps determines each individual properties value based on what has recently sold in the market ensuring that you know what a fair deal would be on the home. It is always our goal to get our clients the lowest price and best conditions on the purchase. We see each client as a life long partner that we want to secure their success by helping them increase their value over time. When the time comes to sell their home we want to be telling our clients how much money they will be making not how much money they will be losing.

Negotiation is a skill your agent will have perfected and is one that will help you get the best deal, and possibly beat out other potential buyers in a multiple offer situation. Hopefully we’ve convinced you of the benefits of hiring a Buyer’s Agent.

If you are thinking of buying and or selling lets book a meeting and sit down to discuss a strategy to start your home buying process off right.

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