What to Look for in a Calgary Condo Development in 2019

If you are looking to buy in a Calgary condo development, you may benefit from some advice that was recently given by expert panelists at the North American New Apartment Construction and Mixed-Use Symposium and Expo.

The panelists focused on what you should look at when considering different condo developments, particularly if you are planning to buy an investment property..

Size and Amenities Matter

Timbercreek Asset Management‘s senior managing director, chief investment officer and global head of direct and debt investment said “If you’re just focusing on the hard asset, you’re missing probably 50 per cent of the equation. Unit sizes are important, but it’s also the amenity space and outdoor living and other things around it that we try to focus on, more than the actual unit.”

What that means is, when you are looking at investment properties in a Calgary condo development, it’s important to take into account the amenities around the unit as well as its size. Now, these things are not as easily quantifiable as square footage, so this is where a Calgary realtor who really knows the local area can be a lot of help.

Don’t Forget The Environment

Oren Vered, President of the Vered Group, added that these extra things — the environment around a building — can be what sets one development apart from another, saying “While they’re there, we want to create an experience and environment that will make them want to stay.”

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