Varsity Revealed as No. 1 in Calgary Neighbourhood Rankings

The results of a recent survey have crowned Varsity as Calgary’s best neighbourhood. Varsity won the top spot thanks to a combination of peace and quiet, greenery, location, ease of access to transit, and range of shops.

The Study

Avenue Calgary had released the 2017 ranking of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods placing Beltline and Edgemont in the second and third spots, meaning they are also fantastic places to live. The variety represented by those three communities shows just how varied the ranking criteria are; Beltline is in the heart of the city, while Edgemont is further out and offers more open space. All locations make great options if you are looking for Calgary real estate for sale.

Calgary’s 10 Best Neighbourhoods

  1. Varsity
  2. Beltline
  3. Edgemont 
  4. Brentwood 
  5. Signal Hill 
  6. Huntington Hills 
  7. Bridgeland/Riverside 
  8. Arbour Lake
  9. Downtown Commercial Core 
  10. Crescent Heights 

How They’re Scored

The rankings take into account a number of characteristics when deciding which neighbourhoods are the city’s best, such as access to green space, bars, shopping, transportation, schools and more. For more details of the survey and how neighbourhoods are ranked, click here.

Client Signature Of course, different people may be better suited to different neighbourhoods. If you have any questions about Calgary real estate and which neighbourhoods to look at, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Jesse Davies Real Estate.