Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Calgary Townhome

Calgary Townhome Condo

If you are ready to take that step and buy your first home for sale in Calgary, but you feel that all the responsibilities and maintenance that a single-family home comes with is just too much for you, then buying a townhome is the right choice for you!

Townhouses are usually built on smaller plots of land, they are more common in urban areas, they have multiple stories, designated parking spaces or garages, and share one or two communal walls. 

In most case townhomes are condominiums, with a volunteer condo board which sets the rules for the community and are managed by a professional property management company, who is responsible for maintaining some or all of the exterior and shared property. Each homeowner is a member of the condominium and pays a monthly or yearly condo fee to fund these activities. To convince you more so, we have listed five reasons why you should consider buying a townhouse in Calgary:

Five Reasons To Buy A Townhome In Calgary

1- Fewer Responsibilities: By owning a townhouse you have some ownership over the property, but you are not solely responsible for every single aspect of the residence, such as roof repairs, landscaping, window and garage door fixes, snow removal, or garbage collection.

2- Added safety of neighbors: Having your neighbours closer gives you the benefit of knowing that they will look out and report back any unusual activity or noise in the complex. Also, townhouse developments are usually well-lit, and some will have a security gate. A home in a safe place is way more appealing to current residents but also to those looking to buy in the neighbourhood.

3- Lower Condo Fees: Townhouses have lower condo fees than high-rise condo apartments since condo apartment owners often have access to amenities and community spaces such as exercise facilities, bike storage etc. Although there are some townhome complexes that do have amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools etc.

4- Lower utility bills: Townhome owners usually get lower utility bills since the shared walls help prevent heat loss. 

5- More privacy: Although you might think that a townhouse has less privacy than a single-family home, it isn’t always so and that depends on the builder. Even though townhomes share walls, having good insulation and quality construction makes a huge difference. Compared to condo apartment buildings, townhouses offer more privacy, as you are sharing a space with way fewer neighbors and since no one lives above or below you.

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