The History of Marda Loop in Calgary

Located a short 10-minute drive from downtown Calgary, is the community of Marda Loop.   This reinvigorated and trendy neighbourhood is a popular destination point for people from all across the city. Marda Loop is home to approximately 130 restaurants and shops as well as hosting a multitude of other businesses and is located right off of Crowchild Trail in SW Calgary.

The history of this now inner-city community dates back to 1909 when Marda Loop was once a trolley car loop that carried people to downtown Calgary as well as to outlying areas.   In 1953 the Marda Theater was built and quickly became a major attraction and landmark.   The theatre was popular with the community and served the residents as well as the nearby Canadian Forces Base, until it closed in 1988 and was eventually demolished in 1990.

In the early 1990’s, the Canadian Forces Base closed and the population in the area was dramatically affected by the exit of military personnel and their families from the area.   Soon after this, a well thought-out revitalization and redevelopment plan for the surrounding areas was started and it created Garrison Woods and Currie Barracks.   This helped create a resurgence and revitalization of Marda Loop. With a newfound popularity, newer higher income residents started to notice, and a construction boom started replacing older detached homes with newer high density infills and multi-family condominiums.  This led to an increase in the neighbourhood population.

New families and residents are moving into Marda Loop at record rates and the neighbourhood continues to attract attention with a variety of community-based events like the yearly Stampede Breakfasts that can be found along 33rd Ave or the Marda Loop Mardi Gras which is going into its 33rd year.   This event attracts over 35,000 people from all over Calgary and features live music, unique shopping and lots of great food.

Marda Loop is a must-see when looking to get out and about in Calgary!