Recreational Properties

With the summer season firmly upon us, people are now looking to get away from their busy lives and get away to relax with friends and family for a much-earned vacation. While for some, this means booking a trip to an exotic destination where they leave the comforts of home to be pampered like a king in some sort of resort or hotel setting. For others, this is the time of year where they can pack up with the family and head out to their “home away from home”

The Rise in Recreational Properties

Recreational properties are becoming a more attractive option for people because they don’t have to hop on a plane and leave for an extended period but rather just hop in the car and head out for a few days of peace and relaxation. There are many types of recreational properties out there that could fit the bill. First and foremost, when thinking of a recreational property, most people would think of a cabin by a lake. This is a very popular option in and around Calgary because of its proximity to many lakes in and around the city. These types of properties offer families an ideal place to kick back and unwind while still being able to live in a similar way to which they have become accustomed to in the city. Families can get out for a weekend and enjoy the weather and participate in a variety of activities such as water skiing or boating during the day and then come back to a cozy cabin in the evening to enjoy their family time around a fire. One drawback of these properties can be affordability. Some simply don’t have the resources to own and maintain a cabin property along with their main home and other responsibilities.

Cabin or RV?

With that said, RV lots are becoming a very popular and more affordable option for people looking to vacation while still owning a place where they can get away. These properties are popular not only because of the affordability but because they build upon the popular “Campers Communities”. These communities are a very attractive mix between cabin life and camping because they offer the users the ability to enjoy traditional camping activities such as campfires and fishing while the RV gives most of the comforts of home that people enjoy.

Regardless of the type of property that one would choose, there are many options that can fit the needs and wants of anyone looking to acquire a second home. At Jesse Davies Real Estate, we are very experienced in helping families find a new property and have a variety of tools available to us to help them find the place of their dreams. If you are looking into getting a recreational property, don’t hesitate to contact us.