Lakeview Ring Road & Lakeview Real Estate for sale

The established community of Lakeview in SW Calgary is undergoing some massive changes now that the SW leg of the Ring Road has been approved.

Lakeview is facing the most dramatic change in its history with a $4.5 billion development, changes to the 37 Street interchange and four new proposed connecting roads into the community.  What this means for the citizens is very significant because there will now be no direct access through Lakeview, only through the new development which will route traffic through the adjacent TsuuTina Reserve.   This will also mean that 37 Street will now become a dead end for Lakeview residents.

What does this mean for Lakeview residents?   Now, to enter their community, they will have to travel on the existing Crowchild Trail route and enter near the Lakeview Plaza Shopping Center, or, they can enter through four planned access points along 37 Street that will route traffic through the reserve.

As a lifelong Lakeview resident, this creates a lot of concern for myself as well as my neighbors because the community has not been fully consulted on this plan and there are a lot of concerns and questions as to whether this will create traffic problems along an already congested 37 Street. There are also a lot of concerns that the homes along 37 Street will lose value as the proposed changes are going to affect a variety of things such as views, traffic, access and noise.

The Lakeview Community Association is holding public information sessions to provide updates to residents and concerned citizens soon to discuss key construction activities, outline areas that may qualify for noise mitigation and identify upcoming traffic impacts.  More details can be found at the Lakeview Community Association website (www.lakeviewcommunity.org).

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