How to Budget for a Home Renovation in Calgary

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The décor and design of the Calgary house that you’ve learned to call home were likely the reasons you purchased it. However, over the years the décor lost its initial appeal and its overall style only comes off as outdated and boring. 

Moving out is often an option that certain homeowners opt for. Yet; the stress and cost that comes with it are almost always never worth it. The most viable option, that is not only highly recommended but also less strenuous, is a Calgary home renovation.

Or perhaps you fell in love with one of the many Calgary homes for sale, and you’d like to renovate it before you can move into it. If this is the case, it is important that you speak to the Calgary realtor first. Doing a home renovation can also improve the value of your house if in case, you are planning on adding it to the list of Calgary homes for sale. 

Admittedly, the cost is a factor when it comes to renovating a house in Calgary real estate, or anywhere else. Notably, the cost of a home renovation can vary greatly depending on the type of renovation you intended on having, as well as the duration it will take. 

For instance, if you only plan on renovating the flooring in the living room alone, that might not cost as much. However, if you plan on having an in-depth renovation in the kitchen where you have to move fixtures such as plumbing, that might cost more. To help make your long-anticipated home renovation easier, below are a few tips on how to budget for it. 

Tips For Budgeting Your Calgary Home Renovation 

Consider The Cost
Not all home renovations are the same, especially when it comes to renovations within the Calgary real estate. It’s always better to be well prepared financially before approaching a contractor. The only way to do this is to learn how renovations in certain areas in the house cost.

For instance, to have a complete kitchen renovation, you may have to part with at least  $25,000. If you are a Calgary realtor or a homeowner simply trying to sell your house, a kitchen renovation will increase its value tenfold. 

The bathroom is another area that experts to always impacting the value of a home. For an in-depth bathroom renovation, you may have to invest around $20,000 or less. The cost may be less or more depending on the size of your bathroom and the details you’d like to include in it. 

Be Realistic and Specific
By having considered the costs of the rooms you’d like to renovate, you can now work on fitting it into your budget. If the overall costs do not match the financial investment you were willing to put in, then be sure to cut back. 

You also want to avoid under budgeting, instead; make sure you have some wiggle room for emergency and hidden costs. Hidden costs can be used to cover the unexpected mould behind a wall among other things. 

The wiggle room will act as a buffer in case of any emergencies and will also ensure that you operate within the set budget.

Approach a Calgary contractor
If you’re looking to get into the Calgary real estate and ultimately list your house among Calgary homes for sale, you may want to approach a contractor. First things first, if you’re not a Calgary realtor, be sure to approach one first. They can sell the house for you if you want to avoid the trouble that comes with trying to sell a house. 

Next step, approach a contractor. You want to approach one that is familiar with the Calgary real estate market. This will allow you to find a proper estimate of how much your renovations will cost. Additionally, a professional Calgary contractor is aware of the many factors that affect Calgary homes and is thus knowledgeable in how best to renovate them.

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