Does “Back To School” Affect The Calgary Real Estate Market?

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It goes without saying that most retail markets are affected during back to school season. Numerous reports reflect that the real estate market, both in Canada and even the United States, experience positive results during spring and summer seasons. What everybody wants to know is, if the Calgary Real Estate Market is usually affected when it’s time for kids to go back to school. 

Is The Calgary Real Estate Market Affected When Kids Go Back To School? 

As the season changes to signal the beginning of school, so does the real estate market change significantly. The Canadian market, especially the Calgary real estate market, is often busiest during the months of June and July. Sunny days are the prerequisite to an enhanced curb appeal and an almost stress-free move without having to worry about snow.

Calgary realtors take advantage of the favorable weather conditions. The number one reason the Calgary real estate market experiences an uptake is due to the Calgary Schools in the area. The fact that there are numerous single-family homes available in Calgary only works to their advantage. Hence, the aforementioned factors tend to attract families that are looking for an early start in settling into a new area and school. 

On the flip side, the fact that the Calgary communities are largely family-based works to their disadvantage as well during back to school seasons. Any interested buyers that may have been in search of a home that accommodates a family lifestyle tend to wait until the kid’s close school before they can attempt to move.

In the above case, single family homes or homes that accommodate family lifestyles are often affected during back to school seasons. 

Calgary Townhouses & Condos Are Still A Priority 

The good news is that Calgary homes for sale are not only limited to single-family houses or semi-detached homes. The Calgary Real estate market is made up of a variety of different types of houses that play a part in making Calgary so popular. From townhouses and condominiums to duplexes and triplexes, it’s no wonder Calgary ranks among the top choices among buyers. 

Townhouses and Calgay condos, also commonly referred to as condos, are often for singles or single individuals. In other words, they do not support a family type lifestyle due to the size and the number of rooms in such homes. Hence, they often attract buyers that do not have any children to influence or impact their decision on the style or type of home to live in.

The cabin type houses found in Calgary also tend to attract the snow lovers and ski fanatics during the winter season when schools are back in full operation. Of course, during winter breaks, some families tend to rent Calgary cabins for a family vacation. 

Essentially, the back to school season affects the sale of semi-family homes or other types of homes that support a family lifestyle negatively. The sales tend to go down before they can pick up in the near future. 

The other type of homes, such as condos and townhouses are rarely affected. This is because they are usually for single individuals without children. 

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