Calgary Real Estate Market Update AUGUST 2019

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Reports show an increase in Calgary houses for sale this year especially for those priced under $500,000. This has been aided by an increase in the number of people employed. Despite the fact that the increase in employment numbers is mainly seen in lower-paying jobs, the numbers are significant enough to notice. The increase in sales for homes priced under $500,000 has managed to offset any decline seen in the sales of houses priced higher than the range in question.

August 2019 Update For The Calgary Real Estate Market 

Top Ratings

These high sales can also be attributed to the availability of top-rated realtors in Calgary from the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB). This professional association boasting more than 5000 licensed realtors is up to speed on the number of listings and sales in the region. They are a trusted name in the business and a trusted source for news and statistics where needed. The statistics are regularly distributed ensuring the information stays up to date.

Increased Year-To-Date Sales

All product types had increased sales recorded for the year with the largest improvement being seen in the apartment-style and attached properties. The attached properties sales improved significantly compared to last year’s statistics. This makes them the only numbers whose year-to-date sales have surpassed those of the previous year. While the sales increased, the number of new listings available were seen to ease and as such the decline in inventory could be seen. The recovery of the market could take a while. 

Property Types and Their Numbers

Attached properties have been increasing in numbers in terms of their sales for 6 months consecutively. The year-to-date sales have thus amounted to 2665 units which is almost a five percent increase as compared to the previous year. Thanks to some of the best realtors in Calgary this could go steady. This has resulted in gains in the benchmark prices. For apartments, on the other hand, sales have been seen to improve for the second month consecutively. These gains were, however, met with an increase in the number of new listings. As such, there were no significant adjustments seen in the inventory levels.

Market Comparisons

Calgary real estate agents from the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) understand how their work is cut out for them and know exactly how to handle the sales while keeping track of significant increases and declines. When comparing notes with other realtors in the region, it can be seen that Airdrie’s most sales were driven from detached properties. Whereas in Calgary sales came from the attached properties. Cochrane is looking at a scenario where reduced oversupply made prices more stable.

Balanced Market Conditions

When looking for real estate in the area, look no further than the best realtors in Calgary. CREB will ensure you have the best market price at hand while showing their track record of increased sales to date. The market, in this case, is highly favored towards the buyer. With over four months’ supply, be sure to note the increase in sales from the top rated realtors in Calgary.

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