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Live true west. Between the city lights and starlight sky. Choose Alpine Park.

Alpine West is an ambitious next-generation community in Calgary's new west, founded by New Urbanist principles! This community offers residents a higher quality of life where homes prioritize people first. While ALpine Park will provide whatever residents need close to home, adventuring out is a breeze with easy access to the city's vibrant downtown life and close proximity to the mountains.

Looking at the properties in Alpine Park, you'll notice that you have the opportunity to choose from six complementary and distinctive architectural designs, including:

  • Craftsman Style
  • Mountain Craftsman Style
  • Prairie Style
  • Modern Prairie Style
  • Farmhouse Style
  • Urban Mountain Style
  • Contemporary Style and Châteausque Style.

Combined with thoughtful street-oriented urban planning, they form a timeless yet evolutionary composition that is distinctly Calgary.

Home is the first place, work is the second place, but it's the third place – the gathering spaces in which we laugh, eat, and socialize that truly strengthen a neighbourhood's bond.

From the main lawn overlook in Central Park to the Skyline Pond viewing deck, Alpine Park's elevation and commanding views of the surrounding environment will blow you away.

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Parks In and Around Alpine Park

  • In addition to the beautiful parks, there are plenty of outdoor fireplaces, decking and pergolas, and social lawns.
  • Storm Park – An innovative environmental stormwater parkland that provides naturalized environments for residents to enjoy.
  • Skyline Pond – City views and glimpses of the mountains make the most of this tarn-inspired pond.
  • Picnic Grove- A true community park, Picnic Grove has spots to lounge, an incredible playground, and a convenient bbq picnic table area.
  • Health Green – This northern green court brings residents together around its iconic central fireplace feature.
  • Fish Creek Provincial Park – The most convenient gateway to Fish Creek from Alpine, Shannon Terrace day use is the perfect woodsy place to take in a hike or have a bbq.
  • Central Park – With a substantial public lawn and several viewpoints, central park is the perfect host to larger community events.
  • Canopy Park – A thoughtful preservation of an existing tree stand, Canopy Park will become central to the lives of Alpine's residents.
  • Alpine Bark – A fully-enclosed place for four-legged residents to run around with shaded seating.

Storm Park is an innovative reimaging of the traditional stormwater system. Storm Park expands on the success of nautilus concept systems deployed in award-winning spaces like Dale Hodges Park to create a wetland-like naturalized environment supportive of local wildlife while offering residents trails, public plazas, boardwalks and viewpoint lookouts to enjoy. 

Skyline Pond is inspired by tarns and proglacial lake formations unique to mountain environments. Skyline Pond anchors Alpine Park's northeast corner and offers dramatic views of Calgary's downtown core and mountains to the west as the land drops toward Fish Creek Park. Residents can enjoy several vantage points and rest areas around the park, or admire the beautiful architecture of the overlooking homes along Bluerock Way SW.

Picnic Grove is one of the main gateways into the green court park system. Picnic Grove is encircled by park fronting porched homes and features a manicured public lawn, picnic tables, barbeque stations, and an inspiring custom wood playground designed to encourage physical activity, imaginative play, and social interaction.

Central Park is a true community hub. Central Park offers a lark gathering law, ornamental plantings, a cantilevered lookout, a family playground, plus a climbing hill. Reflecting its importance to the community at large, Central Park is framed by three roads on each side, making the space accessible to all and providing easy access to visitors and food trucks alike during events. 

Alpine Bark is located south of central park across Alpine Avenue SW. Alpine Bark is Alpine's off-leash dog park that caters to the four-legged community members. Let Fido and Sparky sniff rears and run circles to their hearts content!  

Canopy Park is a preservation of one of the most iconic natural features of Alpine Park's location. This ridgeline park will protect the existing tree strand and enhance it with substantial additional plantings. A ‘canopy walk’ trail brings visitors above the treeline before dropping them into a playground nestled amongst the forest alongside a regional transecting path. A large public venue space provides wintertime tobogganing, while pavilions allow people from across the community to gather and barbeque during summers. 

Midway Park is set between Alpine Park's unique couplet roads, which diffuses neighbourhood traffic off Stoney Trail while making it easier for residents to get around on foot. Midway Park provides a compelling urban park linkage along the tree lined boulevard connecting the village centre to the rest of the community to the south. 

Schools Located In and Around Alpine Park

  • Future Middle School – Designated Catholic K-9 Site
  • Future Elementary School – Designated K-6 Site

Food Located In and Around Alpine Park

  • Future Grocery Store (as early as 2024)
  • Future Fast-Casual Restaurants (as early as 2025)
  • Future Dine-In Restaurants (as early as 2025)

Other Amazing Places In and Around Alpine Park

  • Community Association Site: The Community Association Site in Alpine Park offers so much more than a typical administrative building, with a multi-use sports courts that can host winter skating and the only BMX inspired loop layout pump tracks within a 7km radius - building off the growing popularity of facilities like the south Glenmore pump track to bring even more bicycle-friendly activities into the community
  • 14 minutes from Marda Loop
  • 20 minutes from Stephen Avenue
  • 20 minutes from Kensington
  • 32 minutes from Kananaskis
  • 7 minute bike ride to Fish Creek Park
  • 16 minute bike ride to Downtown Calgary
  • 18 minute bike ride to 17th Ave
  • 30 minute bike ride to the Glenmore Reservoir

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