Calgary Chinatown (卡加里華埠)

Calgary’s Chinatown (卡加里華埠) was officially founded in 1910 and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010. With growth and prosperity, Chinatown is on its way to becoming Canada’s third largest Chinese community by population and the largest in terms of area. The approximate boundary of Chinatown is Riverfront Avenue to 4th Avenue and 1st Street SE to 1st Street SW. Neighbourhoods surrounding Chinatown are Eau Claire to the West, East Village to the East, and across the Bow River North of Chinatown is Crescent Heights.

Calgary Chinese Culture

Sien Lok Society

The Sien Lok Society of Calgary was incorporated in 1968 to maintain the historic Chinese district. Sien Lok committed to promoting and preserving Chinese Canadian heritage throughout Calgary and Canada. Some of the greatest achievements from the Sien Lok Society is the completion of Phase II of the Sien Lok Park development to preserve Calgary’s Chinatown from demolition.

Feel Foreign

Feel Foreign is a non-profit organization incorporated in Canada. Their purpose is to build bridges across cultures and improve intercultural dynamics. They help each other by telling the stories of real people learning a new culture, addressing stereotypes and discussing cultural differences.

Chinese Cultural Centre (卡城中華文化中心)

The Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre operating since September 27, 1992, is a non-profit organization that relies on dedicated volunteers that are talented and knowledgeable in running a heritage community. The community holds meaningful programs and events to celebrate heritage and diversity. Also, it undertakes educational and cultural programs to enrich the lives of all Calgarians.

Dragon City Mall

The mall is the largest shopping center in Chinatown. It’s a major shopping venue with a unique Asian flair, a bakery shop and the Regency Palace restaurant.

Top Restaurants to Eat in Calgary Chinatown

Working / Living in Chinatown

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Here are some condo complexes surrounding the Chinatown area:

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