Hindi Realtors

Looking For A Hindi Realtor In Calgary?
Look No Further Than Jesse Davies Team

Jesse Davies Team is actively one of RE/MAX’s top producing Real Estate teams. Jesse Davies has been a Real Estate Agent for over 12 years. Also, he is apart of the RE/MAX Platinum and MLS Million Dollar Club. Jesse Davies Team is excited to have Rosie Gill, one of the teams Hindi speaking Realtors to be working with us.
Rosie moved to Calgary from Vancouver, British Columbia in 2014. Since growing up in a with a father in Real Estate, she has always wanted to get her Real Estate License and finally did! Rosie is fluent in speaking Hindi.
If you are looking for a Hindi speaking Realtor that is organized, patient and cares for her clients, then Rosie Gill is here to happily assist you.

Jesse Davies Team सक्रियरूपसे RE / MAX कीशीर्षउत्पादकरियलएस्टेटटीमोंमेंसेएकहै. Jesse Davies 12 वर्षोंकेलिएएकरियलएस्टेटएजेंटरहाहै. इसकेअलावा, वह RE/MAXसेअलगहै Platinum तथा MLS Million Dollar Club. Jesse Davies Team केलिएउत्साहितहै Rosie Gill, हमारेसाथकामकरनेवालीरियल्टीबोलनेवालीटीमोंमेंसेएक.
Rosie 2014 मेंब्रिटिशकोलंबियाकेवैंकूवरसेकैलगरीचलेगए.रियलएस्टेटमेंपिताकेसाथबड़ेहोनेकेबादसे, वहहमेशाअपनेरियलएस्टेटलाइसेंसप्राप्तकरनाचाहतेथेऔरआखिरकारपिछलेसालकिया.रोजीहिंदीबोलनेमेंनिपुणहै.
यदिआपएकहिंदीबोलनेवालेरियाल्टारकीतलाशकररहेहैंजोसंगठितहै, रोगीहैऔरअपनेग्राहकोंकीपरवाहकरताहै, तोरोजीगिलयहांखुशीसेआपकीसहायताकरनेकेलिएहै.

JD Calgary Real Estate Team loves working with clients from different backgrounds especially Hindi Buyers new to the City of Calgary

Jesse Davies Team is a well-diversified real estate group who love working with different ethnicities We understand the importance of making everyone feel comfortable, equal, and our top priority. At Jesse Davies Team, we deliver a high professional standard by educating and cultivating a stress-free experience built on a foundation of trust, authenticity, respect, and integrity.
Rosie Gill is one of the top agents at Jesse Davies Team who practices our high professional standard. With a strong background in real estate, she has critical knowledge coupled with the ability to communicate effectively with her clients to maximize results. You can count on Rosie to help with the entire process and make sure all of the questions have been addressed. When it comes to your local Hindi Real Estate agent, look no further than Jesse Davies Team.