Planning to purchase a home?

Do you plan on eventually purchasing a home??  If so, your Mortgage application is critical.


No down payment.  No problem.

No income.  I can work with that.

New to your job.  I can still get you a Mortgage.

Bad credit.  Full stop!

A persons credit score is the single most important piece of the Mortgage qualifying puzzle.  Other pieces of a Mortgage application can be mitigated.  But credit is as important to my successful home purchase as air is to living.

Imagine this …everyone has an invisible number that floats over their head.  This number is constantly changing and follows me around.  This number is incredibly important at certain times of my life.

That number is my credit score.

Think of a persons credit score as a whole blueberry pie.  In today’s email I’m going to tell you the TWO most important (biggest) pieces of that pie.  This is applicable to everyone’s credit score.

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Featured in Top Agent Magazine

Jesse Davies always had real estate in his blood, with family history in the industry dating all the way back to 1974. Marking the humble beginnings of what would become a lifelong career, Jesse started out mowing lawns and doing property inspections for the family business to pay off his car. After graduating University, he earned his broker’s license and ultimately became the associate broker for his firm. From there, the rest is history. Ten years after his diligent start in the industry, Jesse has amassed a decade of experience, grounding his working philosophy on a commitment to hard work, client-centric care, and creative problem solving

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Varsity Revealed as No. 1 in Calgary Neighbourhood Rankings

The results of a recent survey have crowned Varsity as Calgary’s best neighbourhood. Varsity won the top spot thanks to a combination of peace and quiet, greenery, location, ease of access to transit, and range of shops.

Avenue Calgary’s recently released 2017 ranking of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods placed Beltline and Edgemont in the second and third spots, meaning they are also fantastic places to live. The variety represented by those three communities shows just how varied the ranking criteria are; Beltline is in the heart of the city, while Edgemont is further out and offers more open space.

Here are Calgary’s 10 best neighbourhoods:

  1. VarsityClick here to see homes in Varsity
  2. BeltlineClick here to see homes in Beltline
  3. EdgemontClick here to see homes in Edgemont
  4. Brentwood – Click here to see homes in Brentwood
  5. Signal Hill – Click here to see homes in Signal Hill
  6. Huntington Hills – Click here to see homes in Huntington Hills
  7. Bridgeland/Riverside – Click here to see homes in Bridgeland/Riverside
  8. Arbour Lake – Click here to see homes in Arbour Lake
  9. Downtown Commercial Core – Click here to see homes in Downtown Calgary
  10. Crescent Heights – Click here to see homes in Crescent Heights

The rankings take into account a number of characteristics when deciding which neighbourhoods are the city’s best, such as access to green space, bars, shopping, transportation, schools and more.

Of course, different people may be better suited to different neighbourhoods. If you have any questions about Calgary real estate and which neighbourhoods to look at, don’t hesitate to contact Jesse using the ‘Connect’ button above.

Below is a map of the top 50 communities. To search rankings for all of Calgary’s neighbourhoods, click here.

Click here for more details of the survey and how neighbourhoods are ranked.