Established in 1945, Altadore is a southwest Calgary community. It has been named Calgary’s best neighbourhood in the past, thanks to its exciting cultural scene, shopping options and River Park. River Park provides both open space and sporting opportunities, as does Glenmore Athletic Field. There are both public (Altadore Elementary) and private (Lycee Louis Pasteur) schooling options in Altadore.

In Altadore’s north, a Business Revitalization Zone has been set up to bring new life to the commercial area around 33rd and 34th Avenues. This area is named Marda Loop after a streetcar line which used to operate in the area. Marda Loop now contains an excellent mix of shops, restaurants and more and has become a focal area for the community.

Also in Altadore are the Military Museums, Western Canada’s largest tri-service museum. With exhibitions covering the army, navy and air force, there is lots to learn here. With its parks and tree-lined streets, this is a very green neighbourhood, perfect for exploring on its bike trails.

Altadore homes consist of a mixture of older homes (mostly from the 1950s but with some going back as far as 1911) and newer infills. Below, you can see all the homes for sale in Altadore, and get details of each. If you have any further questions about Altadore real estate, contact Jesse today.